Battery Safety and Maintenance Tips

Extend the life of your battery by following these steps!

– securing your battery firmly to the cradle, not too tight or too loose. Vibration will damage plates and shorten battery life.


– keep battery cables and terminal connectors clean and secure, corrosion prevents electrical flow and reduce ability of battery to start the vehicle.


– check your vehicles electrical charging system regularly and making sure it’s working properly. Over or undercharging can cause a dramatic reduction in the life of the battery.


– check electrical wiring and load. Electric leakage or a short can drain your battery. For example: a boot light or accessories left on can drain your battery overnight.


– use the correct battery for the application, the battery should be the same or bigger than the OEM fitment. If you’re struggling to find what battery your vehicle needs, try our parts application guide or call in store on: 07 36380153


– keep sparks and flames away from your battery as the gasses released when charging are flammable.


-Try not to let your AGM batteries get below 70% charge.